Sunday, March 01, 2009

I'm Just an Old Country Girl....

....So I realize politicians don't give a hoot what I think. The nice thing about this country is that I can say what I think whether anyone listens or not.

I find humorous the recent wailing and gnashing of teeth by Republicans re: Obama's stimulus plan. Now, I come from a long LONG line of die hard Republicans. I'm not defending either party here, just saying what I think. Now back to the GOP wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Where was all their wailing when Pres. Bush ramrodded the country into the Iraqui war? Or when he proposed the Wallstreet Bailout and they approved it with no oversight whatsoever? Where was their teeth gnashing when the Bush-sponsored bailout produced no results, other than already rich bankers having our tax money to take trips, grab big bonuses, and remodel offices. Do the House and Senate Republicans think our memories are that short? If so, they need to guess again.

I'm sick of hearing Republican politicians whine about Obama and the Dems when they share the guilt for what happened in this country equally with their Democratic peers. Maybe part of their problem is that they allow Rush Limbaugh to be a Republican spokesperson. They should let the CITIZENS be their spokespersons and no one else. After all, it is the citizens of this country who provide their privileged life style.

Not to let the Dems off the hook, they helped create this economic hell right along with the GOP. They allowed big business to ship jobs outside the country, and supported said big business every step of the way. They helped allow trade deficits to grow and prosper, to the detriment of their homeland. And they expect the common man to pull in his or her belt and sacrifice, while they continue to receive free health care, a pension fund for life, and continue to take non-essential trips on the taxpayer nickel in the midst of economic chaos. (a recent trip to Italy comes to mind.) Dems and Republicans alike are guilty of feathering their nests while expecting citizens to sacrifice everything so they can continue to live large.

Before retirement, we paid, paid, paid our taxes. One April the IRS made a mistake and said we owed them $500. They came down on us like ugly on an ape by May and threatened dire consequences if full payment was not forthcoming immediately. Our tax prep person said we did not owe the money but we needed to pay it or the IRS would red flag us. We paid it, and by July the IRS returned our money, sans interest of course. I want to know how politicians get away with not paying their taxes? Is this yet another case of Rank Has Its Privileges? I suspect so. Common citizens have to pay their taxes or suffer bad consequences but politicians can do anything and come out smelling like a rose.

My point is, I'm willing to sacrifice. Most Americans are willing to sacrifice. So when do our politicians join in the sacrificial process? Cut their salaries, limit the pension fund for life to years served, or pay for their own health insurance??

I'm just asking.

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