Monday, January 04, 2010

Hopes for 2010

Can it really be 2010 already? Seems like only a week ago that we welcomed in 1965.

My hopes and wishes for this new year and decade are simple ones. I'm not asking for World Peace or to win the 100 million dollar lottery. Such things rest with God. And yes, even my few hopes are probably beyond my control but here they are anyway:
  • I hope my family, friends, and acquaintances -- everyone I know -- stays healthy and safe;
  • I hope the interest on my home loan goes as low as the interest on my savings account. Barring that miracle, I hope the interest on my savings account increases to that of my home loan. See, I'm flexible.
  • I hope the satellite and cable TV services allow us to cherry pick what channels we want and adjust their pricing accordingly. No more taking away one great channel we watch and replacing it with 15 or 20 junk channels we've never heard of. What good are 150 channels if we don't watch 125 of them? Let me keep all the good channels and cut my bill in half.
  • I hope the political games played and special favors granted behind closed doors in Washington DC become a millstone around the necks of those guilty of same.

For all of you reading this, I wish you a happy, healthy, safe, prosperous new year.

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