Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sanows & Schulzes & Windows....OH MY!!

I haven't been here since April. My attention has been focused on the sturm und drang of the world and its myriad technological glitches. More about glitches later.

In June my siblings and I attended the SANOW -- SCHULZ reunion in Iowa. We met relatives from around the country and enjoyed the visit despite 100-plus degree temps and tornadoes around the area at night. Our grandma, the heroine of My Name is Esther Clara, was a Sanow. Some people find no importance in knowing their ancestors. I discover truths about myself by exploring my ancestry. I'd like to explore the SCHULZ side of the family now, especially the family of my great grandmother's brother who lived in Cincinnati OH. If anyone out there is a relative of EMELIE ANNA SCHULZ SANOW, leave me a message here.

Windows of the Microsoft variety has almost driven me bonkers since April. My Windows updates stopped working in April for some unknown reason. Yeah, I troubleshoot within my limited capabilities but every hint at a fix leads to an ever more complicated Microsoft maze of possible non-answers. Yes, I have plenty of disc space. Yes, I've tried to download the updates manually, to no avail. My mother told me I was born a hundred years too late and computer technology has proven her right on many occasions.

I have no patience with computer programs that don't work, with viruses and worms and spyware, and email that takes so long to load I've forgotten what I was planning to say by the time I'm able to read the messages. Computers are wonderful tools......when they work properly. Imagine our outrage if we didn't have access to electricity half the time when we turn on the switch. But computer owners just have to accept the failures and glitches and keep on paying for services that don't work. At least snail mail works, most of the time.

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