Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sanow Family ties....

Until I reached my forties, family history meant very little to me. Maybe I was too focused on my job or other mundane things. Life gets in the way sometimes, and then before we know it we've lost an entire generation of people who were a large part of our lives. I tried to rectify that in later years by writing a book about my maternal grandmother and her family.

In the photo above left, Esther Clara Sofia Sanow is standing on the far right, next to her seated mother, Emelie Schultz Sanow. My Name is Esther Clara is the story of her life and times. Esther Clara is the little Cherokee County Iowa girl who burned the family outhouse down and nearly killed the hogs by putting pepper in their slop when she was five. Her adventures were many and varied throughout life and certainly did not stop when she met and married Herb Ford from Kansas. Whether burning outhouses, sick hogs, drunk roosters, mean goats, white witchcraft, blizzards, bedbugs or World Wars, Esther Clara took life head on.

Any Sanow descendents out there searching the web for information, I hope you find this blog and contact me. The Sanow children in the photos are as follows:
  • Anna Augusta
  • Amelia
  • Louise Emma aka "Lizzie"
  • Esther Clara
  • Carl Albert
  • Frank August
  • Otto Carl
  • Henry
  • August
  • Alfred

Emelie Schultz Sanow and August Ferdinand Sanow were their parents, who raised their ten children on a farm near Marcus, Iowa from 1878 until the last child left home.


Josh said...

I love old photos. Little moments frozen in time. I could look at them for hours and hours :o)

Laura Sanow said...

I'm related to them! weird! I think August is my great great grandfather, but I'm not sure about that exactly. Lawrence Sanow was my grandfather.

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