Friday, October 06, 2006

Marcus and Remsen Iowa

Next week I'll be visiting my grandma's birth place, Marcus Iowa. Regular readers and fans know that Grandma's life began on a farm near Marcus. Early chapters in My Name is Esther Clara feature that farm, Grandma's family, and the town of Marcus itself.

Grandma and Grandpa returned to Iowa regularly for visits, funerals, and family gatherings. Many Sanow relatives lived in Remsen. One of my happiest memories as a teenager is of a visit made to Remsen with Grandma and Grandpa. It's been decades since I visited there. All of Grandma's generation are gone now, and many of my mother's generation, but my generation and younger are very much alive and still kicking.

After my maternal grandparents died, I lost track of the Sanow relatives. I'm looking forward to meeting long lost relatives and renewing family ties. Stay tuned for a report when I return. and will tell you a bit about the area I'll be visiting. Marcus has it's own blog, which I'll place on my blogroll. is that URL.


Josh said...

That should be a good trip. Can I come with you? Heh heh :o)

Pami Angel said...

It would be nice to be able to take that trip with you to Remsen.I love you,your little "SEESTER" Pami.

Mitts said...

We talked about it once but nothing ever came of it....have fun

Don Yockey said...

Aaahhh Iowa, land of neat & orderly farms, clean roadsides, friendly & mostly quiet peoples...a few unique places and plenty of corn & soybeans.
Wishing you a meaningful trip...
We make pilgrimages every few years to the Amanas' Grotto and other such. Have even searched the route from Laurens to Wis. for the ghost of an old man riding a lawnmower....I just pray that when I am his age I have my life Straight...dy

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