Saturday, June 02, 2007

Everything you ever wanted to know.....

I've had some emails about my blog recently that need answering, questions about me, my interests, people and writers I'd like to meet. One person does not like my new blog template because it does not have the current weather where I live icon and the hit counter. When I switched from the original template, those two things did not make the transition. I can't explain why. Maybe some day I'll figure it out. I was disappointed too.


I enjoy taking photographs of the natural world around me. I do NOT enjoy the great outdoors in any season but winter because bugs and insects of all kinds freak me out. Boston Legal, the original CSI in Las Vegas, and Dancing With the Stars are my favorite TV shows. Family gatherings are my favorite activity, and I enjoy having lunch with friends. Old time rock and roll is my favorite kind of music, but I will listen to country CDs if they are by Willie Nelson or Brooks and Dunne.


I'm not very star struck. I'd love to meet friends I correspond with in the UK. None of my favorite writers are famous. I'd enjoy meeting Eric Burton, author of $oft Money, because his book is one that didn't get lost in my reviewing shuffle. Ditto Michael Corrigan, author of Confessions of a Shanty Irishman; The Irish Connection; and Byron. Ditto again Elizabeth Lucas-Taylor, whose book Unfinished Business was one of the sexiest, savviest ones I've read in that particular genre. I'd like to meet the editor and publisher of two of my books, Carol Adler of Dandelion Books. I'd like to meet Nashville poet and musician, Klyd Watkins, because his spoken poetry to music CDs are addicting. I have a huge list of poets and writers on my list of favorites. Maybe I'll write about them another day, give them a brief turn in the spotlight.

Until then, I've answered the email questions. If you want to know anything else, just ask.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Laurel, I read your review of summer love on Amazon. I haven't read the book myself yet (may buy it - haven't decided yet), but thought you should know that Kyrgyzstan is not really the middle east, it would be more aptly described as Central Asia (a region I've been quite interested in since my daughter served in the Peace Corps in Turkmenistan.

Best wishes, Bill

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