Monday, April 28, 2008

A review of My Name is Esther Clara

My books are seldom reviewed, mostly because ONE, I don't ask people to buy my books, and TWO, I don't solicit reviews. Yes, I know that's a very poor technique for a writer to use. A tiny handful of fans read everything I write and post reviews in various places, the operative words here being "tiny handful." I'm always thrilled and amazed when anyone outside my fan base buys my books and makes the effort to write a review.

Recently, Eileen R. Tabios bought My Name is Esther Clara and wrote a review on her blogspot, Galatea Resurrects. Tabios is a writer and poet I admire. She sends me poetry books to review for every edition of GR, lest you might be wondering about our connection. That she bought my book, read it, and featured a review on GR was a pleasant surprise to me.

Follow the link below to read the review. And while you're there, check out her site for other surprises. Each edition is chock full of book reviews. You'll find the best of known and unknown writers and poets featured quarterly. (This is a blog I read regularly. I'd add Galatea Resurrects to my blogroll, if I could figure out how to do it.)

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Laurel, it's 3:35 am on July the 8th,2008. I received this book My Name is Esther Clara, as a scholarship award along with a scholarship a few years ago. I was too dumb, and started the book, without finishing, without interest in it. I recently took care of Lois in her one in maybe two or three hospital stays her entire life, and she asked me if I was the recipient of the book you wrote. I told her yes, but was ashamed that I had not read it all through. So yesterday, I had my boyfriend bring this book that I knew was on my book shelf with many nursing and education books, to work...since census is low, and I had begun reading. All through work last night, after work last night, and today, I have finished this book, and I understand to a point why I was awarded this book, as well as a scholarship. I was so excited to read to the end. I need to write or drop by and see Lois sometime and visit with her since this completion. Need I say, I am now an LPN for just only a mere 4 months, but I enjoy every bit of it. I wouldn't trade it.

At this, It's bedtime nearly 3:30 am!

Take care and Thank you SO much.

Crystal Richardson

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