Thursday, July 10, 2008

I've been Kindled.....

To help take my mind off the hundreds of millions of dollars candidates are spending on the presidential campaign, my publisher decided to put The Alley of Wishes and My Name is Esther Clara on the Amazon Kindle reader. OK, truthfully, having my books "Kindled" didn't really wipe all thoughts from my mind about how swiftly our candidates can waste ungodly sums of money. I've rearranged my entire existence to renovate the family budget in ways that will offset increased gas and grocery prices. Everyone I know has done the same, so the spending habits of coddled politicians will never be far from mind. Still, having my books available on Kindle is a milestone that deserves at least a blog post.

Since my publisher's email about Kindle, I've entertained myself by imagining how intrigued my grandma would have been with this new technology. Esther Clara and her husband Herb read everything they could get their hands on -- books, magazines, newspapers. Both had curious minds and soaked up information of all kinds through reading. Grandma used to say they had an 8th grade education with a PhD in reading. Both would have been excited to know they were memorialized on a hand held reader like Kindle.

Yes, I know not many Kindle owners will be downloading my books to read on buses, trains, or airplanes. They'll be reading the New York Times or the latest best selling blockbuster. Most Kindle owners have never heard of me or my books, but it's possible someone might run across my titles.....somehow. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll surf on over to Amazon right not to see if my ranking has made it to less than one million.


AstonWest said...


John Guzlowski said...

Yes, congratulations. I've been trying to get steel toe to put my book on Kindle but the publisher doesn't return my calls.

Keep us informed please about what your writing future post-kindle is like.


NancyMehl said...

Does being kindled hurt????

Just wanted to drop by and say, "Hi." I do check on you from time to time. (Smile)


AstonWest said...

I've heard that my latest is also going to be available on Kindle, so glad to know I'll be in good company. :)

John Guzlowski said...

Hi, after telling my publisher (Steel Toe) about your experience, he's looking into the process of publishing my book on Kindle.

彭于晏Sam said...

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