Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm baa-aaa-ccc-kkk

Did anybody miss me? I'm not sure if it's the summer doldrums, internet lag (like jet lag only worse), my age, or political aggravation that has dragged me down.

Summer came too early this year, along with its bugs and ghastly heat. We had a lovely fall like cool down in July that tortured me into believing we might have an early fall. But I was wrong. My brain goes on hiatus in summer. I hope it (my brain) returns when cold weather sets it.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I reluctantly joined Twitter and Facebook. For awhile I bravely struggled on and tried to tweet and do my Facebook thing. Even though I was a minimal participant, it took WAY too much of my time, time that would have been better spent doing other things. Following up on Mafia wars and Farmtown requests is a full time, unpaid job!! Maybe I'm just an old poop, but playing games online seems like a waste of time and energy to me. For now I'm trying to pay attention to my email people and write an occasional book review. Oh yeah, and make a Squidoo lens once in awhile.

The health care issue would be almost humorous if it wasn't so discouraging. I'm getting more like my grandma every day because my tolerance of politics is riding a thin thread. She would have said, "How do politicians who voted themselves every perk in the book, including free health care, have the nerve to whine about providing health care to citizens?" I second that, Grandma. She would have said, "Maybe if the politicians hadn't allowed so many American businesses to move outside the country, our economy would be strong enough to support a health care plan." I second that, Grandma. She would have said, "Maybe if the politicians weren't trying to fund wars around the world, we'd have the money to spend on health care." I second that, Grandma. In my younger years I didn't pay much attention to wasteful politicians. Now I'm old enough to see the political foolishness for what it is -- brazenly wasteful and arrogantly focused on helping themselves first.

The one bright point in an otherwise dismal TV news time is that Pres. Clinton successfully went to N. Korea and brought the two women home. What a joy it must have been for those two women to walk into a room and see Pres. Clinton standing there!!

So now you know why I haven't been around lately. Maybe this fall I'll perk up.


AstonWest said...

The trick is to not get sucked into the games on Facebook...and block all of those applications. ;-)

Carol said...

Yes, please DO perk up. Weather isn't too bad today. I had a summer adventure, a trip to Yellowstone Park, which made my summer fly by. Hope you'll be writing more soon.

Jaime Kubik said...

I am new to your blog. My mother asked you to speak at the Clay Center hospital and you signed your book "My Name is Esther Clara" for her for me! So far, I am enjoying your wit in writing. I love your take on politics and health care reform! Hope you'll be writing on your blog again soon! Thanks for putting a smile on my face for today!

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