Friday, March 10, 2006

Dispatches from Kansas

I love making intriguing discoveries. Today I simply must rave about a blog I discovered on my nephew's page. Dispatches from Kansas is the blogspot. Readers from other states who think Kansas and the plains are dull and lifeless will have a different thought once they read Tom Parker's paeans to his prairie haunts.

As a writer, I'm always humbled to read prose that stuns me to silence. Tom Parker's prose is extraordinary. I rarely envy any other writer's voice, not because I'm arrogant but because each writer creates from a different core. Parker's core, his roots, are very similar to mine and yet his prose style is so far superior that I'm envious. Yes I am. I confess it. I envy his writing style, the breathtaking way he manipulates words to paint a picture for his readers.

Tom Parker is from small town Kansas, as I am. He loves the people and the lifestyle, grieves over lost habitat and rejoices when he finds those pristine places that lift man's spirit. If you don't venture into any other unknown blogger territory, this one time visit Parker's blog. Read one or two of his stories. Leave him a message. I intend to be a regular visitor to his world from this day forward.

Kudos to you, Tom!! I can't wait to see what you share with us next.


Josh said...

Yes, I discovered Tom's blog quite a while ago while doing a search for Kansas blogs. I really enjoy his blog.
You should put a linky to his blog in this post :o)

Josh said...

Whoops, nevermind. I see you have him on your sidebar now :o)

Useless Man said...

That is a good site. Thanks for sharing the link!

Don't visit me... I feel so useless now.

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