Monday, March 06, 2006

WPSU -- Penn State Public Broadcasting and Me

Or, how a writer from the plains of Kansas and Nebraska found herself on TV in Pennsylvania.

This will be my last in the series of Pennsylvania trip blogs. The series would not be complete without sharing my experience as a guest, interviewed for Pennsylvania Inside Out. WPSU staff contacted me well ahead of time about the interview via email and letter. Producer Marie Hornbein and co-host Patty Satalia provided helpful suggestions about appearing on a live television taping. Dee Fudrow sent a complimentary parking pass for the event.

Now, a TV interview is not something I'm asked to do on a regular basis. In fact, as the relatively unknown author of four books, I'm not accustomed to media attention of any kind. The WPSU staff, program producer, crew, and host went out of their way to ease me into the limelight.

The subject of this interview was my latest book, My Name is Esther Clara. This first person memoir of my maternal grandmother's life had been reviewed by Ms. Satalia and contains lengthy segments about areas of Pennsylvania visited by my grandparents. The interview questions asked were thoughtfully chosen, pertinent to the book and me as writer.

I had been advised by writers with TV experience not to act like a deer caught in the headlights, not to watch the camera crew, and NOT to watch myself on the monitor. Boy, was that ever good advice!! I tried to comply, especially after catching a glimpse of myself on the monitor as viewers will see me. Ms. Satalia put me at ease and I was less nervous than expected.

The entire experience was a treat, thanks in large part to the professionals who work at WPSU. I'm not sure when my segment will air, but am grateful for the opportunity to talk about my work on TV. This was an experience few unknown writers have. Many heartfelt thanks to WPSU, Patty Satalia, Marie Hornbein, and everyone involved in making this opportunity happen.

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Josh said...

Did you say that it was going to be streamed over the internet?

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