Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Husker from "OZ" travels cyberspace

How does a native Kansan, now living in Nebraska, travel the highways and byways of cyberspace without a net? How did I find myself in England, Germany, Italy, Israel, Australia, and zoom across time zones without jet lag? I got my first computer in 1995 but only recently discovered many of the wonders available to me. Maybe I'm just slow on the uptake.

I've always wanted to visit Australia. A writer, teacher, wife and mom -- Maureen McMahon -- made that visit possible. You'll find me listed under "Ask the Experts", along with dozens of other writers, reviewers, publicists on her website: Maureen has enough helpful information available on her site to keep you busy for several days. I connected with Maureen via Fran Silverman, a writer from New York. Fran's helpful newsletter boasts 1500 subscribers -- writers, publicists, publishers, editors, ghost writers and book coaches from around the world. Fran's website is

A recent blog described my interview at WPSU-TV in Pennsylvania. After that program aired, it was available in streaming video on their website. Curious friends and colleagues in England, Arizona, and Germany watched that streaming video on their home computers. For a decidedly UNphotogenic woman like myself, the thought that anyone anywhere saw my interview is scary, but I'm grateful for the opportunity.

When The Alley of Wishes second edition was released by Dandelion Books, it was featured at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany and The Israeli Book Fair. My mind boggled, knowing a book I wrote was featured in such diverse parts of our world.

Cyberspace has been very good to this old country girl. Not only have I been around the world and back without leaving the comforts of home, but I'm BLOGGING!! So when I wax eloquent about the past and wishing I could see Earth as it was before modern technology took over, just bear with me. Even if visiting the past were possible, I'd still want to email you or write a blog about it.


Josh said...

I forgot to watch your WPSU-TV interview! Dangit!
I've been online around 10 years too. I remember starting out on a Web T.v. and then an old Monorail computer after that. Remember the Monorail?!
There's no way I could live without the internet anymore. At least, not for an extended period of time..heh heh.

Useless Man said...

Don't forget Canada! You can get Useless up here!

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