Monday, April 03, 2006

Lan Samantha Chang and other thoughts

If you haven't heard of Lan Samantha Chang, she's the new Director of the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop. Her credentials are exceptional and include two works of fiction published by W.W. Norton. I read the Q & A with Ms. Chang and Poets & Writers Doug Diesenhaus with interest, and was especially impressed by one quote:

"The best writing reveals the texture and the depth of the consciousness that wrote it..."

Occasionally, while reading poetry and prose for review, the author's heart and spirit shines through so clearly that their words stun me to silence. With rare exceptions, most of the books I review are by un-famous poets and writers. But being unknown does not mean their writing is inferior. Far from it. Excellent writers and poets who are unknown simply have not been effectively promoted, have not found an agent, or have been rejected out of hand by A-List publishers who are looking for another Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, John Grisham, et al. So I was pleased to see that quote from the Director of one of the most prestigious writing workshops in the world. Now if a few writers I know could just attend the Iowa Workshop.............

See, I avoided shameless self-promotion this time!! But I do want to warn those who follow my blog that I will be gone for nearly a week. I'll be absent from the internet from April 5th through 11th so I hope none of my faithful following have withdrawal. I shall return.

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