Thursday, May 11, 2006

Other forms of writing to explore

I often speak of unknown writers and their struggles. Friend and fellow unknown author Eric Burton has discovered the ideal way of getting his writing fix. A few years ago Burton's book $oft Money was published. His book was a mystery thriller with government cover up and conspiracy at the heart of it. A couple years ago he wrote Conspiracy of Fear, which is still unpublished. Burton leans towards the political so when web logs debuted, he decided to give that form of writing a shot. His is a personal blog, on his own website. His political blogs have been picked up as editorials by the East Valley Tribune and he has recently contributed to their newspaper blogs also. Burton spares no one and speaks plainly. Here is an excerpt from one of his recent blogs, written May 9, 2006. I read this one after voting last Tuesday and thought WOW. The disparities between his subjects and the average tax payer need no further comment:

  • I assault police officers.
  • I drive under the influence and then get a ride home from the police.
  • I flaunt campaign laws and the law in general.
  • I write the laws that I flaunt.
  • I use federal employees to remove my things from my flooded home.
  • I eat at a cafeteria for free.
  • I can shoot a friend in the face and well….
  • I have my hair cut at a salon in the building I work in, also for free.
  • My healthcare package is top notch, blue ribbon and follows me to the grave.
  • My retirement benefits are for life and ensure that I will continue my pampered lifestyle.
  • My friends fly me around the country free (even if they aren’t my friends they still want things from me and I am more than happy to ride along).
  • I can cavort and golf around the world on someone else’s dime and call it work.
  • I don’t have to ever tell the truth.
  • I can have sexual relations with my employees during work hours.
  • I make promises that I have no intention of ever keeping.
  • I will kiss your baby then run up the deficit so your child will be mired in debt when they are older.
  • I send men and women into battle to fight and die, never having put on a uniform myself.
  • I can sexually harass, rape, have morals as low as my approval ratings.
  • I can make evil look good and good look evil.
  • I spend money, your money, like a drunken sailor on leave for the first time in over a year.

Who am I? I am an American politician.

Anyone interested in more straight-talking topics can check Burton's blog at

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