Friday, May 19, 2006

Starving artists, writers, and poets...

Why do a tiny smattering of creative people gain fame and glory while others languish in obscurity? Is it the luck of the draw? Do Universal Powers or God, or the Fates smile on one arbitrarily while leaving others scrambling in the mire of anonymity? If talent alone is the yardstick by which creative people are measured, some people I know would be icons instead of unknowns. Today I'm thinking of several people who may not be exactly starving, but probably receive less attention than they deserve for their creative work.

Dee Rimbaud is a writer, poet, and artist whose dream is to travel and gain new insights to expand his creative vision. Everywhere he turns, it seems, his hopes and plans are thwarted, complicated by happenings beyond his control. I wish Fortune would decide to smile on Dee for once. If you are the least bit curious about the man, is his website. If you enjoy modern art, Rimbaud is your man. Dee's is one of the blogs I read, by the way, and is listed under my blog links.

Fellow traveler Aston West, whose alter ego is Midwestern Writer Wannabe, is another unsung hero. Hero is the operative word here. Aston and Wannabe are quiet, unassuming, self-effacing guys who tackle life with dogged determination. They create from a core of strength fed by their own live-and-let-live philosophy. You won't find this twosome shafting or trashing other writers to get ahead. They prefer honest achievements, earned through honest labor. Wannabe is one of my favorite writers and Aston is every inch the compelling hero. Visit my two heroes at or

Some people don't like to wade through long drawn out blogs so I'll end this one now and write more another day.


Carver said...

Very interesting entry. I have a friend who's been writing for over a decade and he's very good, but he hasn't gotten that one big break. Given that a person truly has talent, he or she must take extra steps to make his or her works visible. There's really a lot of talent out there, so the only way to have some modicum of success is to get noticed by the people who matter in the field. Pure luck also works, though it's in short supply.

Keely said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I will check them out.

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