Friday, February 06, 2009


I decided to join the International Friendship Month contest sponsored by Gypsy Owl over on Squidoo. I thought this was a wonderful way to memorialize my friends. My friends are a blessing, every single one of them whether new friends or old. The main problem was whittling down the list. I have long time friends and computer friends, writer friends and relatives who are friends. For the purpose of this contest, I decided to focus on long time friends.

Anyone not registered with a username and password on Squidoo won't be able to vote for me in the contest. But you can go to my page and leave a message if you want to. No pressure. :)) You can find my friendship page at the following link:

Gypsy Owl is a kindly and helpful Giant Squid over on Squidoo. Giant Squids have 50 or more lenses (pages). This is a designation I'll never reach. I'm happy being what I call a Squidlet, making lenses about the people, places, and things that bring joy and meaning to my life. The friendship contest lens can be found at the following link: You'll find some interesting and heartwarming lens links there.
With all the bad, awful, unbelievable news we see around us, heartwarming and kind lenses in this contest are a welcome change.

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AstonWest said...

Happy Friendship Month to you!!!

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