Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Strange New Day for Me.....

I started out by BLOGGING here. No one could have ever convinced me I'd BLOG anything anywhere, but here I am.

Then I became a Squidlet over on SQUIDOO. No one could have ever convinced me I'd be making SQUIDOO lenses, but at latest count I've made ten.

Hmmmm. Then someone invited me to join FACEBOOK. I thought no way, no how, but now I'm on Facebook gathering friends and joining groups.

I said in a previous blog post that I don't TWITTER. Never say never cause now I'm a TWEEP on TWITTER.

Slowly and gradually, people I like have been dragging me kicking and screaming into the 21st century. You can hunt me up on FACEBOOK or TWITTER if the mood strikes. And I'd really be thrilled if you'd leave comments in the guestbooks on my lenses on SQUIDOO. I'm not a very accomplished lensmaster but my heart is in each Squidoo lens I make. The topics vary:

OK enough of blowing my own horn. I'm not sure if blogging, squidooing, facebooking, and twittering has helped enhance my reputation as a person or a writer, but they've been interesting and new experiences.

1 comment:

AstonWest said...

You should perhaps say that you'll never be a millionaire, if that's the case... :-)

Glad to see you made the leap into both Facebook and Twitter. They really are a lot of fun, even if they have a knack of sucking all of our time away. :-D

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