Thursday, April 02, 2009

An Exceptional Two Weeks For Me

First, I tied for first place in the New Squid category of the International Friendship Day contest on Squidoo with my Friends of the Heart lens. My prize is a Twitter page background created by a skilled graphic artist. Can't wait to see it!! You can view my page at
Second, I've been gone a week visiting the Rowe Sanctuary in central Nebraska, seeing Sand Hill Cranes up close and personal. The Platte River has always fascinated me. I get a sense there

of ancient times and places. Sand Hill Cranes have been on earth for millions of years. One 12 mile area of the Platte is now their migration flyway. They spend the day eating waste corn in harvested fields adjacent to the Platte. At sunrise they fly out to the fields. At sunset they return to the river to roost. The sight of thousands of cranes in flight or roosting on the river is beyond my ability to desribe.
Now I'm home, trying to document my thoughts before they fade. For more pictures and thoughts you can visit

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