Saturday, April 11, 2009

Victory Gardens, War Bonds, and Patriotism

I grew up during World War 2 when even the poorest among us raised a Victory Garden and bought war bonds.

I've often wondered while watching the news today
why the government no longer sells war bonds. Is it
ingenuous of me to think that would be one way to
decrease the U.S. budget deficit? Granted, movie
stars and famous folks hawked war bonds in that
era instead of protesting and taking pot shots like
they do now.
I know these are very different times, and that during World War 2 the war bonds were
affordable for just about everyone. We put pennies,
nickels and dimes in a jar and whenever enough
coins were accumulated, we bought a war bond.

This week my husband and I planted a Victory Garden. It isn't necessarily
dedicated to war victory, more like victory over ever increasing grocery prices
for the vegetables we prize. Even the famous store that will not be undersold
has raised prices so high we can barely afford to shop there on a fixed income.

Our garden is a raised bed organic garden, 10' X 10'. Potatoes, tomatoes, green beans, and peas will be planted in it. We learned from past experience that a garden that size will produce a LOT of veggies if the soil is prepared right.
Maybe it's my age, but it seems to me that America has forgotten what patriotism is and is not. I don't believe our country is always right, but we're blessed
here in ways that every country everywhere can see and understand. No matter how spoiled and weak we Americans seem to be, we rise to overcome whatever problem presents itself. That's why people come here legally, illegally, and any other way they can. They want a small piece of our blessings as a country. They want freedoms like the ones we enjoy and the ability to earn a living wage.
Our little Victory Garden behind the garage is a small gesture we make to show how we feel. Like my grandparents before me, I help with the labor of bringing our garden to fruition. We do it because we can, because we're free to use our property as we see fit, within legal parameters. Our garden represents
our support of American soldiers everywhere, and our willingness to sacrifice to better our lives and our country.
Now, if we could just buy war bonds, life will have come full circle for me, back to the years when Americans were hopeful, self-reliant, and proud.


AstonWest said...

Unfortunately, government bonds simply postpone the government's debt to a later time, when they not only have to pay off the bond, but the interest as well.

I'm assuming that war bonds and savings bonds were the same, though, so I could be way off.

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