Monday, September 13, 2010

My Bucket List, sort of

Why is it that I didn't start working on my Bucket List in my younger, more athletic years? Who knows? Guess life got in the way and work took most of my energy. And like most people, I didn't expect the economy to price me out of the adventures I had planned in my retirement years. Along with money and energy, my imagination has dwindled, so this Bucket List isn't very long.

1. Write the Great American Novel. Several of my books have been published, but none could be classified as the Great American Novel. Still, this is one goal that is at least semi-completed.

2. Visit the northern Atlantic coast of America to see the ocean.

3. Spend Christmas at Pine Mountain Lodge in Kentucky. This one was well within my reach when I lived in Kentucky. Why didn't I follow through when I had the chance?

4. Visit the British Isles, especially the seacoast of Ireland.

5. Take a riverboat cruise down the Mississippi from Cincinnati to New Orleans.

6. Visit all the Native American archeological sites in the U.S.

7. Visit Washington DC. Grandpa always said every American should visit our nation's capitol at least once.

8. Visit Egypt to see the Sphinx and the pyramids up close.

9. Visit Israel, with enough time and money to do more than hit the tourist routes.

10. Visit China, especially Mongolia.

Looking back over my list, it's easy to see why I haven't accomplished most of these goals. Most are expensive, time consuming adventures.


Carol said...

I enjoyed reading your Bucket List, Laurel. I concur as to feeling despondent about the turns our U.S. economy has taken that discourage adventurous pursuits in our Golden Years. I hereby send you good wishes toward ticking off some of these 10 wishes in days ahead. P.S. I LOVE your writing! I think at least one Great American Novel is within your grasp.

AstonWest said...

Lots of great activities to look forward's hoping you get to accomplish all of them and then some!

egad apparel said...

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