Thursday, February 17, 2011

Don't pay the ransom.....I escaped

Has it really been five months since I last posted here? Guess other priorities and life got in the way. I've neglected my blog and also haven't created any new Squidoo lenses. Nor have I any desire to begin the "great American novel."

We enjoyed a beautiful Fall and early Winter here, but January and the first part of February brought several snows and below zero temps with harsh wind chills. Hubby is weary of shoveling snow and keeping all our various critters fed and watered. I love winter, and dread the coming of spring and summer storms since the house we live in doesn't have a basement.

The price of everything has gone up and up these past few months. Every time we grocery shop, the prices have crept up by a little or a lot. The store that will not be undersold has priced itself out of our budget, food-wise, so we shop the sales in small grocery stores. I find amusing the government's push to get U.S. citizens to eat more fruits and veggies. In this part of the country, at least, fresh fruits and veggies are never on sale, only snack foods and soft drinks.
Hubby and I have simplified our diet to compensate.

Our satellite TV service cost has I'm still dreaming of a TV service that will let us cherry pick our channels and provide a lower price accordingly. I know, I know. Keep dreaming, right?

On a brighter note, our phone and internet cost has not increased in four years. So hooray to AT&T for that blessing!!

Another bright note: Two of my favorite writers have new books out so I curled up in my recliner while the snow flew and read several good books. Michael Corrigan's latest book of short stories is These Precious Hours, featuring characters of Irish heritage struggling with loss and grief. As always, Corrigan's exceptional prose style kept me engrossed from first page to last. Nancy Mehl is a prolific writer of Christian mysteries. This winter I read two books in her Harmony Series and two in her Hometown Mystery Series. I'd be hard pressed to choose a favorite among Ms. Mehl's four books because the plots and characters are so distinct and intriguing. Both are writers who deliver fascinating characters and stories.

I'll try not to wait five months until my next post, but no promises. Until next time.....

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