Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Alley of Wishes

This book has been a pang in my heart for more than 20 years. I wrote it for my mother, who died long before it was published. In those two decades it has been rewritten several times. Of my four books, this is the sentimental favorite.

Alley, as I fondly call it, is about love but not what I consider a romance novel. It's a story about war's destruction and the strength to be gained from true friendship and love in all its forms. The two main characters are emotionally scarred and psychologically devastated by life, but learn together that nothing is hopeless when faced with courage and hope.

Locations include the French front during World War I, the city of Paris during and after the war, and America after the war. Fans of the book hope for a prequel or sequel. My publisher swears it will become a movie. If it becomes a movie, who should represent the two main characters -- Beck Sanow and Cerise L'Oiseau? Envision the stars who play Clark Kent and Lana Lang in Smallville. They are the perfect size and type, with the sexual chemistry and acting ability to make the story credible onscreen.

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