Friday, December 30, 2005

A message to Esther Clara.

Well, Grandma, it's official. Your book is trickling out to the masses. You have your own order page on and at the Barnes & Noble website. One day soon you'll find yourself on Amazon too. Last week I ordered copies for my family and hope to hold the finished product in my hands any day now.

I told all your stories to anyone who cares to read them, Grandma, the ones I remembered as well as those Don saved on audio and videotapes through the years. Remember the outhouse you accidentally burned down on the farm near Marcus, Iowa? The hogs you almost killed by hiding pepper in their slop? You'd accomplished a lot by age five!

The years you and Grandpa shared in Frankfort and Marysville, Kansas and Fairbury, Nebraska were shared with fondness, just as you remembered them. The people and places you loved are in your book. And every awful thing you and Grandpa hated about the 20th Century wars, the Dust Bowl and Depression, poverty, classism, human snobbery, and politicians is told as honestly as I could make it.

That you existed was a blessed gift to me. You showed me that even those of common roots could make a lasting contribution in this world. This book about your long and interesting life is my gift to you and Grandpa. I'll keep you posted on the outcome, especially if I run across your relatives in Iowa along the way.


Josh said...

I can't wait to read it! I hope one trickles my way :o)

QueenBitch said...

Love your blog, and will definately have to pick up that book. It's truely amazing what those in that generation lived through. They have the best stories, and are so toughened but more loving because of them.

Moonchild said...

Hey if you need help with your blog .... I can help you. I've designed five of them and I'm on my 5th personal blog since October 2004. Take care. inky

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