Sunday, January 01, 2006

Looking back with fondness...

I promised that my next few blogs would be devoted to fans, or at least readers. On this first day of 2006 I need to share discoveries worth noting, from music to graphic skills to genre fiction to literary lions. These are favorites of mine. Feel free to share your favorites with me.

JOSHUA SUTTON has more talent in his pinky finger than most folks have in their entire body. When I want old faded photographs or daguerrotypes retouched or restored, I scan them into my computer and send them to Josh for doctoring. The photos in my latest book were all restored by him. And when computer glitches blow my mind or I'm lost in html hell, I call for Josh. Check him out at and see what he's about. And don't think that just because he's my nephew that I'm prejudiced in his favor. Relative or not, I know quality when I see it.

NEW WORKS REVIEW is a literary e-zine featuring new and established writers and poets. I can't remember what kindly turn of fate established me as a reviewer for NWR, but I'm grateful for the opportunity. When deciding whether to take on another obligation, I checked the NWR website and liked what I saw. After reading staff bios, I was hooked. The NWR staff is talented, professional, helpful, and exceptional in every way. Check them out at and submit a short story if you have one hiding in your files.

NAVAR is an alternative rock band reminiscent of the best rock and roll has ever offered. I'm an old rock and roller from the glory days of Jerry Lee, Elvis, and The Beatles so it takes a lot to impress me. I sort of lost interest in the younger talents, except for STAIN'D, until NAVAR came along. Look for them on Amazon or Pat and Ben Barry and their group are hacking a name for themselves on the East Coast and this music needs to spread around the globe. Think Navar Nation for starters.

TOM SHEEHAN is literary wordsmith non pareil in my opinion. I envy his gift. One critic called him "a national treasure" and Tom is that alright. He's been nominated multiple times for the Pushcart Prize and deserved to win every time. Maybe 2006 will be his year. Google "Parkie, Tanker, Tiger of Tobruk" and pray to find that story in its entirety online. Or buy A Collection of Friends and discover a few Pushcart-nominated stories for yourself. His latest collection is Epic Cures through Press53.

God, I'm gabby. This is long already. Looks like I'll have to blog my wonderful discoveries in segments. Stay tuned.


Lynn Barry said...

Our family is fortunate to call you "friend." I look forward to reading your latest book. I am proud of you for your courage and ability to make others think and grow and feel good...and for your brilliance that shines through your writing.HUGS

Josh said...

Thanks for the spotlight :o)
And I'll have to check out NAVAR. I've never heard of them but some of the song samples I listened to sounded good.

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