Tuesday, January 03, 2006

more looking back plus reader comments....

I've had a flurry of reader emails. Not sure why they chose not to post comments to the blog, but maybe the process is intimidating or they prefer not to have their names in public places. One lady wanted to know more about Dandelion Books, the publisher of My Name is Esther Clara. A man wished to hear my thoughts about poetry and publishing in general. Another requested a top ten listing of my favorite books reviewed in 2005. And still another worried that someone would post derogatory things on my blog.

In future blogs I will talk about Dandelion Books and poetry. Listing my top ten favorite books would be a time consuming task and one I prefer not to tackle, except to repeat that anything by Tom Sheehan tops any list from any year.

In 2005 I discovered KLYD WATKINS' website THE TIME GARDEN. We "met" when Klyd published Compostrella Starfield by poet Charles Potts and I reviewed it. Klyd is what I call a renaissance man because he's a retired educator / musician / poet / publisher. In short order I reviewed Klyd's poetry books and music CDs. His work is distinctive. Some would call it avant garde. Over time he finagled me into sharing some of my poetry. He nurtures and encourages my Muse and bravely posts certain of my poems on his site. This is a man who deserves far more recognition than he's drawn so far. Klyd and friends can be found spading and hoeing at www.thetimegarden.com.

More another day. Thanks for reading my ramblings.

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CAT blogger said...

Dear Laurel: I tried posting something about Time Garden on your blog. Don't know if it worked. The thing said I needed a user name and pass word, so I gave it one, and the next thing I knew, it said I had a new blank blog! Not sure if exiting at this time would nullify my user name thus barring me from posting on your site, I went ahead and just created a blog off the top of my head! Now I guess I gotta do a profile, and learn how to do that! Geez, the webworld takes a body down strange streams fast!

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