Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dandelions grow and thrive everywhere!!

I'm not sure if Dandelion Books discovered me or I discovered them. CEO Carol Adler is a gracious woman who treats me with respect and consideration, so I'm happy to know her. From the first day of our association several years ago, her support of me as a person and writer has never wobbled.

I'm a writer come late to the game. My "career" as writer and poet did not begin until after I retired from nursing. My first Dandelion published book, The Alley of Wishes, had been two decades in the making. In the early 1980s I had a New York agent who had submitted Alley to Knopf. That was in the days before internet and email so all correspondence with my agent and Knopf was either by postal mail or phone. I won't go into the reasons now why that association did not pan out. It's a long story better saved for another time. Alley languished until I completely revised it in 2001 and self published it through FirstBooks. It had only been out a few weeks when Carol Adler emailed and said she wanted to publish it through Dandelion. The rest is history.

Carol Adler has a strong work ethic and belief system. We are very much alike in that respect. As a writer, ghost writer, book doctor, poet, editor, and publisher, she understands writing and writers. She's also intelligent and compassionate, with the energy and faith to blaze the path she's chosen for Dandelion Books. For that reason, and many others, I think Dandelion is the perfect home for The Alley of Wishes and my latest book, My Name is Esther Clara. Dandelion's home on the web is


T. said...

As an aspiring writer, that's great information. I will look into them. I'm not anywhere close to trying to sell my manuscript but someday I will be (hopefully!).

Thanks for the info and I enjoyed your blog.

Sandy_Frost said...

Dear Laurel,

I totally agree! Carol is working with me on publishing my first book and, well, it's so exciting!

She is patient, smart and dedicated to our success as authors and as people.

There is an interview with her at:

I had a contract with another publishing company back in 2002 and am glad I cancelled it. Carol is a true visionary with her finger on the pulse of the publishing industry. I think we're all going to make history!

I look forward to reading your book!



Harsha said...

"The Alley of Wishes" book sounds interesting..

Gary said...

I guess you know how fortunate you are. Talent isn't always enough. Writing is such a competitive field and many very talented writers never get their breakthrough. That's probably why I never even THOUGHT about writing professionally.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I am very happy for you.

It takes a genius to understand a genius. And I am happy you were discovered by another genius who knew the values and virtues of your literature.

God bless.

AstonWest said...

Having read "Alley" myself...I can honestly say it rocks...

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