Monday, December 26, 2005

The Writing Life.

Being a writer is not the glamorous life you might imagine. And becoming a published writer can be a crapshoot, not necessarily dependent on skill or talent. I offer up myself as living proof of that last sentence. :) After almost 5 years and 4 published books, I remain a relatively unknown writer. Stephen King or Willa Cather I'm not, but do have my little base of fans. My next few blogs will be devoted to them.

I like to write in different genres. That is, I've tried to make each book different. Writing fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry all require different writing "muscles." I search out various online sites -- or they find me -- to post my poetry and short stories. My short stories or poetry can be found on some of the sites listed in my links. My links are not complete yet but soon will be.

2006 will be a banner year for me. My fourth book will be out in January from Dandelion Books. (More about that one soon so watch for it.) Also out in January is an anthology containing one of my nursing stories -- A Cup of Comfort for Nurses. This was my first experience with an anthology. My short story involves an amazing couple I visited as a Home Health nurse in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky: "Zeb and Ruby." Thanks to Adams Media for choosing my story for inclusion in their anthology.


Josh said...

I can't wait to read the forth book. I've only ever read the first one though. Wish I had the other ones. I would like to get my hands on that anthology too. Guess I'll have to buy them sometime when I have the moolah$ to do so :o)

Laurel Johnson said...

Thanks for the comment Josh. I'm happy someone reads my blogs!! The Alley of Wishes is my best book, but My Name is Esther Clara is entertaining in a different way. Maybe your ship will come in sooner than you think. :)

liuhua said...

yay for writers! i love writing too! maybe i might do a book when i grow up...right now there's school to worry about. =)

would love to get a copy of your book!

Anonymous said...

I love to hear about the life of other writers. I have just sent my first novel to the publisher with rewrites (AGAIN) and am waiting to hear if they will finally like the way I have rewritten the ending. It's SO HARD to completely rewrite parts and I think I have finally exhausted my options on this one. Hoping for a positive response sometime soon. Will check out your books - sounds interesting. (I have just begun this whole blogging thing and my blog, which i have just registered is not about writing but is written from the point of view of my eight month old daughter.)

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