Thursday, December 15, 2005

Laurel Johnson Blogs?

Those who know me will have no problem accepting that I write stuff. They've read my reviews, and some have even read my books. But blogging? No one will believe I would even consider blogging. Well, I'm gonna try. Hope someone will let me know what they think.

My Blogspot will be a mishmash of thoughts, information about me and the things important to me, my books, and maybe even politics will creep in. Everything depends on whether or not I can figure out how to add said info at regular intervals.

All my time has been taken up lately with completing proofs of my latest book, My Name is Esther Clara, coming soon from Dandelion Books.. This book is about my maternal grandmother and her life from 1898 to 1989. I miss her especially at Christmas. Sometimes I feel like an orphan with no mother or grandparents to add their special touches to holidays. If I get the hang of this blogging thing, I'll post some photos of the special people who made my life so safe and happy.

This week the book proofs went to the printer so I could switch my attention to Christmas. Yesterday I made my world famous peanut clusters and butter cookies to share with family and friends. It's been a busy week but I'll try to check back soon and practice my blogging.


jan said...

I just wanted to say, "Yum."

AstonWest said...

mmmmm, cookies...

Josh said...

Yaaay! I added you to my "blogroll" which you can find on my blog :o)

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