Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Another notch on my techno-geek belt......

Any of you who read my very first blog know how insecure I was about doing anything technical. After more than a month of blogging, I will have to admit that Blogger takes most of the guess work out of it. Adding to the template is a bit of a challenge, but that is getting easier thanks to my technical advisors Aston West and Josh Sutton.

Well -- drum roll please -- today I tackled a new technical adventure. My Name is Esther Clara appeared on Amazon today. I wanted to post some photos on its amazon page and managed to post four. Granted, Amazon makes it easy but I was worried anyway.

My Grandma was adventuresome and loved a challenge. She would be so proud of her techno-dork granddaughter!! That's Grandma Esther Clara in the photo, by the way, with her life long sweetie Herb.

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