Saturday, February 11, 2006

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Since numerous people have asked about the contents of My Name is Esther Clara, and I have not yet figured out how to post it on the Inside the Book feature of Amazon, here it is:

Table of Contents

Cast of Family Characters

Foreword from the Author

Part One: 1898 – 1916
Chapter One – A Bit of History and a Hard Lesson Learned
Chapter Two – Dead Goats and Drunk Roosters
Chapter Three – Green Geese and Gravy
Chapter Four – The Day the Hogs Got Sick and Cow Tails
Chapter Five – Corn Picking Season
Chapter Six – White Witchcraft and Second Sight
Chapter Seven – We Knew How to Work and Have Fun
Chapter Eight – The Bridegroom Didn't Come from Money

Part Two: 1917 – 1957
Chapter Nine – The Best and Worst of Times in Frankfort, Kansas
Chapter Ten – Bed Bugs and Blizzards
Chapter Eleven – Birds, Bees, Birth Control, and Carnation Milk Labels
Chapter Twelve – Pa Knuckles Under and Navy Beans
Chapter Thirteen – Dorothy
Chapter Fourteen – Memories of Fairbury, Nebraska
Chapter Fifteen – The Dirty Thirties
Chapter Sixteen – Setting Priorities
Chapter Seventeen – Our Life in Marysville, Kansas

Part Three: 1939 – 1989
Chapter Eighteen – Into the Next Generation
Chapter Nineteen – Dreams and Regrets
Chapter Twenty – My Favorite Holiday
Chapter Twenty One – Tippy and Trixie and Friends
Chapter Twenty Two – All Good Things Must Eventually End

Afterword from the Author

Discussion Guide – Optional

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