Thursday, February 16, 2006

The literary Grandma Moses???

My Uncle Don calls me the Literary version of Grandma Moses because my creative writing career came, well, if not in my dotage then nearly so. Tomorrow I embark on my big adventure, a trip to Pennsylvania to visit Aunt Carol and Uncle Don in State College PA.

I've visited State College before. It's a beautiful place, deserving of the name enthusiastic Penn Staters call it -- Happy Valley -- with its mountains and forests rimming the town. This time a few new wrinkles have been added.

This time I fly the friendly skies from Lincoln NE to Chicago, where I change not only planes but terminals. Guess there are no such things as straight through domestic flights anymore, as there were when I traveled decades ago. From Chicago I proceed to Harrisburg PA where my cousin Russell will meet, greet, and whisk me away from those friendly skies. All this is dependent on the weather, which I hope cooperates until I reach State College.

I haven't seen my Pennsylvania relatives in years so am looking forward to this visit with enthusiasm. And here is where I bring back the Grandma Moses part. My aunt and uncle contributed many fascinating details to my latest book, My Name is Esther Clara. I plan to discuss that project with them, and maybe kick around a new book project too. I'm certain fresh ideas will flow during Happy Hour each evening, when they ply me with tasty libations.

On Feb. 23rd, I will be interviewed on the PBS station in State College, by the Producer, Patty Satalia. I've never been on TV before and this will be LIVE TV. So this Literary Grandma Moses better be on her toes if she wants to be a STAR!!

I'll be returning home Feb. 25th, refreshed and rejuvenated. I hope to bring back Paternoville t-shirts and Hershey's Chocolate. And some irreplaceable memories.

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Josh said...

I hope you are enjoying your trip!

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