Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Love on Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day because love in all its forms has always fascinated me: the love parents have for children; the love of family; the special bond of friendship; the passionate devotion of lovers; and the unconditional love we all crave.

When I wrote The Alley of Wishes for my mother, I wanted it to represent the sort of sweet, sensual, trusting, devoted, unconditional, love she did not find in her marriage. If it were in my power to change time and circumstance, Mom would have had a husband like Beck and his father, men who didn't use fists as weapons or withhold love and tenderness as a punishment. Mom died before she got to read this paean to love -- my wish for her. But somewhere in the Universe I hope her spirit is smiling.

Happy Valentine's Day, Mom. I miss you.

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